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From 1 to 10 how much do you guys like this? 
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Hi! I recently started making collages like you. I saw your exposition in Mercado Negro and they have inspire me. I've a problem, because to do me collages I used to cut images from magazines, and i've lot of material and I don't know what i should do with them because i think that with that image I can do a good collage but I block. I want to ask you what's your method, you use to print images? and what artists inspire you.


hey!! sorry for taking so long to respond, tumblr never told me i had new messages. 

i only use images from books and magazines that i have, and i usually just start with a single image and i work around that. 

I’m a huuuuge fan of Jesse Treece, Anthony Gerace, Nicholas Ballestelos, Eugenia Loli and Anthony Zinonos. 


So thirsty!!
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“As a side project, Cakes aims to be a lighter approach to the theme. Using references from online conversations, it explores sexuality lived through webcams. You can see the cake, you just can’t have it.”
Thank you to all of you who submitted webcam pics. This is the final result!
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:D :D :D i made the cover!! 
For Days (by 2ponto3)
Pause (by 2ponto3)
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This is a collage I made portraying my life as a 6 month old alcoholic kid. GOOD OLD TIMES!! 
DesPanteão (by 2ponto3)